Yoruba Ko’Ya Foundation to Govt: Killings by criminals appearing as Fulani herdsmen must stop now

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Yoruba Ko’Ya Foundation to Govt: Killings by criminals appearing as Fulani herdsmen must stop now

Yoruba Ko’Ya Foundation to Govt: Killings by criminals appearing as Fulani herdsmen must stop now

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The attention of Yoruba Ko’Ya Leadership & Training Foundation-Home and Abroad, have been drawn to several kidnappings, killings of indigenes and residents by hardened criminals appearing as Fulani herdsmen, flocking and destroying farm lands in Yoruba land, especially and recently in Igangan area of Oyo State and within Ondo State Forest Reserves among others.

The Foundation in line with its statutory aims and objectives strongly condemn these heinous acts and crimes that seems to be resuscitating in major border LG areas/Towns around Yoruba land in Nigeria, and enjoin respective Governors of these States, to use the already existing official instrumentality in Amotekun Security Network laws, to immediately increase Intelligence & Surveillance collaboration with Community leaders to fish out these criminals hiding in the forests as a Special Task Force in each affected State/LGs on boarder areas.

Perhaps the name of the Task Force could be approved as “Operation Amotekun Roars” in recognition of the selfless effort of a young man, which has drawn unique attention of the relevant authorities to several criminal activities going on in Igangan-Oyo State, using non-violent means.

The crimes committed on Dr Fatai Aborode and others in this community and others, must never be “swept under the carpet”.

We therefore call on all Governors of Oyo, Ondo, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti and Lagos to urgently meet to perhaps activate necessary machinery to comb all nooks & corners of Forest Reserves within South-West as a comprehensive joint operations, which we advise herewith to be completed within 30days simultaneously.

Comprehensive reports emanating from the State Task Force Operations are implored to be made public on submission, to ease the existing tension in the land.

In the meantime, our Foundation recognised the harmonious relationship and even inter cultural marriages that have existed in decades/century, between the Yorubas and the original Hausa/Fulanis that have resided in these affected areas, but urge all respective Fulani leaders to assist our Governors/Council Chairmen and local community leaders in the likes of Sunday Igbohos, Sunday Odedas, Sunday Imekos, Sunday Ipokias, Sunday Akures, Sunday Ondos, Sunday Ogbomosos, Sunday Iwos, Sunday Ado-Ekitis, Sunday Badagry etc, in fishing out more criminals hiding in the forests and pretending to be herders.

Although nobody should be allowed to take laws onto his or her hands, as our Foundation will condemn such whenever it exists but Government administrations – Federal, State, LG – must be accountable.

The Foundation, however, believes that if protection of lives and property are major essence and priority of government, then all hands from Federal, State, LG, Community leaders must be harmonised and be on deck, to fish out all criminals from in and out of these forests. And if any Seriki’s or elected/appointed officials and leaders particularly in the local community are found in complicity with these heinous crimes, in any way or form, as to be fished out or ascertained by the Special Task Force, all must be publicly shamed and face the law accordingly.
Finally, the Foundation herewith implore all South-West States Govt to activate on their respective Ranching laws which forbids grazing indiscriminately even in the Forest.
All Farm Settlements with Cattle Ranches embedded and established since Late Chief Awolowo days as Premier of Western Region, which are still standing abandoned in all these states, are advised to be fully redesigned, rehabilitated to provide the much needed economic and employment opportunities advantages for its residents.

Akogun Kola Onadipe
Secretary General
Yoruba Ko’Ya Training & Leadership Foundation.
Jan 23rd 2021.

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