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Roles and Responsibilities of Project Teams

Yoruba Ko’ya consists of four teams. Each team will be headed by a department head. We have the Green (Agricultural- crops and animal husbandry), Black (Knowledge Acquisition – (Computer programming, marketing management, logistics management); Red (Equipment, machinery, and tools fabrication), Blue (Cultural Revival, outreach, and promotion). All Yoruba Ko’ya activities will be performed by and within the State Chapters according to the guidelines in this document under the guidance oversight of the National Executive body.

The executive team consists of the President, Vice President, legal, finance, and Public Affairs officer. The project team consists of Chairpersons, administrative secretaries, team leaders, and team representatives in the diaspora.

Together, with you, we are determined to change the world for good.
Otunba Deji Osibogun

Green Team Project

This team (Farming and livestock) is involved in the establishment of model farms, by liaising with the local community to identify possible local trainees and trainers Will deliver produce and livestock to Black team leader for processing and marketing.

Black Team Project

This team (Packaging, processing, Marketing, distribution, purchasing, transport of produce, livestock, and machines, tools, implements, appliances, and software development) liaise with the local community to identify possible trainees and trainers.

Red Team Project

This team (Skill acquisition and empowerment – Technical and Vocational Training) leads the team in achieving the objectives of Yoruba Ko’ya by liaising with the local community to identify possible local trainees and trainers and produce implements for others teams.

Blue Team Project

This team (Cultural Revival, outreach, and promotion) liaises with youths, communities, and cultural institutions, and teach and promote Yoruba language, culture, philosophies, ethics, and values of Omoluabi.

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