Yoruba Ko’ya Leadership and Training Foundation Mission: To Empower and Liberate Yoruba People! Learn More

Our Aims and Objectives

1. To promote and foster unity, peace, progress and good relationship among the members of the Foundation and the entire Yoruba race both at home and in Diaspora and to also support socio-economic and political views of Yoruba including rendering assistance for the protection of lives and properties.

2. To continue to seek the progress and development of the Foundation members and the Yoruba race in general through training and empowerment programmes aimed at improving the lot of the race and in particular its youths and upcoming generations.

3. To promote social, economic and cultural development of Yoruba land and its people through knowledge-based entrepreneurship and vocational training, which will assure and guarantee the race’s economic freedom, economic independence and identity in the equal enjoyment of the common heritage of mankind.


Empower & Liberate!

The Problem

Yorubas have abandoned our food basket – the rural areas. Our youths are not encouraged to embrace agriculture as a viable profession. We cannot have a viable Yoruba region unless we are agriculturally and economically independent…

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The Solution

Train cooperative members in agro-related fields such as Organic Farming, Animal Husbandry, Agro Processing & Marketing, Bookkeeping and accounting, Agricultural Building Technology, Equipment Fabrication and Repairs, etc…

The Team

Yoruba Ko‘ya leadership consists of dedicated, hardworking and focused men and women who are interested in the emancipation of Yoruba people. Our mission is to empower Yoruba people to achieve economic and social independence…


Activate your membership now!

Join us and let us lift up Yorubaland together. We have rich soil and can feed the whole of Nigeria if we apply our minds and resources to it.


Training Projects

Green Team Project

This team (Farming and livestock) is involved in the establishment of model farms, by liaising with the local community to identify possible local trainees and trainers Will deliver produce and livestock to Black team leader for processing and marketing.

Black Team Project

This team (Packaging, processing, Marketing, distribution, purchasing, transport of produce, livestock, and machines, tools, implements, appliances, and software development) liaise with the local community to identify possible trainees and trainers.

Red Team Project

This team (Skill acquisition and empowerment – Technical and Vocational Training) leads the team in achieving the objectives of Yoruba Ko’ya by liaising with the local community to identify possible local trainees and trainers and produce implements for others teams.

Blue Team Project

This team (Cultural Revival, outreach, and promotion) liaises with youths, communities, and cultural institutions, and teach and promote Yoruba language, culture, philosophies, ethics, and values of Omoluabi.


Model Farms & Training Centers

Most of the processed foods we consume are imported, yet we have the capacity to do our own processing.

How to Give

We source for funds and resources from within Yorùbáland, the diaspora, and organizations, to empower and liberate Yorùbáland.


How to Help

Everyone can do something. You can lend a helping hand to uplift Yorùbáland. Find volunteer opportunities near you and get involved!


How to Join Us

We’re taking Yorubaland to the next level. Everyday, members within and outside the country are standing up for action!


136/137 Liberty Stadium Rd, Space FM Building, Ibadan Oyo State