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The aims and objectives of the Foundation shall be as follows:

1. To promote and foster unity, peace, progress and good relationship among the members of the Foundation and the entire Yoruba race both at home and in Diaspora and to also support socio-economic and political views of Yoruba including rendering assistance for the protection of lives and properties.

2. To continue to seek the progress and development of the Foundation members and the Yoruba race in general through training and empowerment programmes aimed at improving the lot of the race and in particular its youths and upcoming generations.

3. To promote social, economic and cultural development of Yoruba land and its people through knowledge-based entrepreneurship and vocational training, which will assure and guarantee the race’s economic freedom, economic independence and identity in the equal enjoyment of the common heritage of mankind.

4. To promote extensive agricultural development with a view to ensuring food security, gainful employment and value chain additions into industry and to seek assistance, be it financial or otherwise, from any person or group of persons, foreign or local organisations and/or any Body corporate, for the achievement of the said agricultural development objectives.

5. To promote and advance Yoruba culture, ethics and traditions through inter-cultural festivals, lectures, symposia, meetings, information, excursions and any other means aimed at improving the Yoruba cultural value and language among the Yoruba people.

6. To support members of Yoruba race and in particular its youths in every areas of their educational pursuit through grants of scholarships or loans and any other assistance aimed at ensuring that an average and promising Yoruba youth is given a sound and qualitative education.

7. To raise funds through various contributions from individuals, body corporate, institutions, societies and any other organisations within and outside Nigeria and which funds shall be used solely for the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Foundation.

8. To establish and maintain links with other Associations, Societies and Clubs either local or foreign, having similar aims and objectives with Yoruba Ko’ya Leadership and Training Foundation.

9. To participate in any charity, sports and any other noble activities that the Foundation might deem fit and necessary to promote the unity and progress of Yoruba race.


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