Otunba Tope Ogunnowo

Member (Head, Business Development)

Abridged Profile: Otunba Babatope Gbenga OGUNNOWO; MSc, MNIM, FCTI, FCA.

Otunba Ogunnowo is a Chartered Accountant (Fellow, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria); Tax Practitioner (Fellow, Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria) and Business Management
Professional (Member, Nigerian Institute of Management). He garnered wide experience and exposure in oil & gas financial management in paid employment over a period of 32 years before retiring into private business.

Otunba Ogunnowo retired from a senior management position in one of the leading International Oil & Gas Companies in Nigeria in November 2011, to start a consulting outfit, BGO & Associates in 2012, where he is the Managing Consultant and C.E.O. The consulting outfit specializes in Taxation, Financial and General Management. With ultimate philosophy of service to humanity and ardent desire to assist others to succeed, Otunba Ogunnowo has also, since retirement, invested in bright ideas that are creating capacity for employment and empowerment especially of our youths. He chairs the board of a number of start-ups and medium-sized companies and outfits.

Otunba Babatope Ogunnowo acknowledges the place of balanced living in the pursuit of his various endeavours; he creates time for social activities and wellness programs. He belongs to the school of thought with the injunction: “Man, Know Thyself”. He is a member of Ikoyi Club 1938, Lagos; Lafarge Golf Club, Shagamu and Ijebu-Ode Club (founded: 1921), in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.
Otunba Babatope Ogunnowo is an Ijebu-man in his sixties, married for over thirty-six years to a woman he refers to as his sister, friend, confidant, and more. The marriage is blessed with a number of biological and many non-biological children and grand-children.

Otunba Babatope Ogunnowo is Christian, he calls himself a liberal Catholic and has received a couple of Church-chieftaincy titles and other awards/recognitions from a number of Churches. He has also received several commendations, awards and recognitions from reputable Social, Philosophical, Philanthropic and Charitable NGOs. He holds the traditional titles of Otunba Fesogboye of Ososa, Ijebu and Otunba Atoyegbe of Ilodo, Ijebu. He is also a Chief of Egbe Bobagbimo (Okunrin) Akile Ijebu, a foremost age-grade of the Ijebu-land renowned traditional age-grouping structure.

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